Picking a date for your wedding can be a difficult decision, especially if you are trying to plan around several people’s schedules. Luckily, there are several things you can do to find the best date for your wedding.

Start Looking at Dates Early

Whenever possible, start looking at potential wedding dates as soon as possible after the engagement, and narrow down the dates quickly. The sooner the date is picked, the sooner you can let your anticipated guests know that they should not plan anything else on that day.

Consult Family and Friends

Once you have narrowed it down to two or three days, consult your family and friends. While you may not be able to please everyone, if there is someone you want at your wedding, make sure that person does not have a scheduling conflict. By having multiple potential days picked out, you have a better chance of finding a day that will work for everyone involved.

Consider the Time of Year

Some people have their hearts set on getting married during a specific time of year. If your heart is set on a spring or summer wedding, make sure you book your wedding early, as these are often popular times to get married. You may also want to consider the time of year if you have guests traveling from out-of-town, especially if you have guests coming in from other parts of the country. For example, while the weather might not be a problem locally for a late December or early January wedding, if you have guests flying in from the Northeast or somewhere else that gets a considerable amount of snow, they may experience snow delays, potentially causing them to miss the ceremony. Early fall might not be the best if you have school-age guests or teachers, who need to travel to the wedding and who cannot miss the first few days of school.

Consider the Day of the Week

Weekend weddings are often the most convenient. Many guests will not have to take the day off work. Even guests traveling from another state might be able to only take off a day or two from work to travel to and from the ceremony.

Of course, weekday weddings also have their advantages. Fewer people are getting married in the middle of the week, so it might be easier to book your ceremony at your chosen location. Plus, you can often save money by having your ceremony in the middle of the week. For example, at the Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry, a five-hour weekday extravaganza (which can include the ceremony as well as the reception) is $3,500 plus tax for 100 people. That goes up to $3,800 if the event is on Sunday. A Friday Extravaganza is $4,000. It cost $4,500 if the event is on Saturday.

When you are ready to start planning your ballroom wedding, contact us. We can help you find the right date to fit your needs.