Wedding centerpieces can be a very essential component of setting up for a wedding. The centerpiece will be the main center of attention of your guests and an essential adornment. It is for that reason essential to use some time on setting up a centerpiece that will work as an addition of the wedding theme. Flower patterned wedding centerpieces are the most conventional and typical of all centerpieces. However, you need not be restricted by customary preparations; designing a wedding centerpiece can always be made fun and imaginative. When setting up a centerpiece that will have flowers it is essential to have a good time and be innovative.

The following are a few of the things that you will want to consider about and make use of to arrange your floral wedding centerpiece.

Subject Matter

When you begin setting up the floral wedding centerpiece, you must take into deliberation the subject matter of your wedding. For example if you have a Hawaiian subject wedding then hibiscus and bird of paradise flowers will make a great addition to the subject matter. With a little deliberation prior to going to the florist to make a choice of flowers you can in general relate a unique flower with your wedding theme.


As you make arrangements it is also significant to think about the time of year that the wedding will take place. For example if you have a wedding during the spring season then you may wish to have white lilies. On the other hand if your wedding takes place in mid-winter you can think of including some items other than just flowers into the centerpiece. This might consist of things like pine branches and pinecones.


It is just as vital to make an estimation of the size of the wedding and the wedding reception. If you are thinking of having a very small wedding you will want to pick and choose smaller more personal flower arrangements. If the wedding is going to have hundreds of guests and be a very big happening then the tables that seat your guests will naturally be a lot larger; as a result it will require an arrangement of much bigger proportions. You would not want a display that looms over the table and obstructs the sight of your guests. But it has to be sufficiently big so that it does not get lost in the dimension of the table. So take into deliberation the size of the table and the number of guests at each table.


Color is a very vital visional motivation and one that the brain acts in response to very rapidly. It is for that reason imperative to have flattering colors all the way through the decoration of the wedding. Often flowers can be selected to match other colors in the wedding making for a very delightful visual. For example you can select flowers that will go along well with the color in the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Significance and Representation

It is furthermore significant to make plans and think about the significance or representation of flowers when selecting flowers for your floral wedding centerpiece. For example a bunch of red roses will have a very diverse tone and representation then a bunch of white lilies. It is hence essential to think about the characteristic and chronological significance of certain flowers and decide on an arrangement that is approving to the theme of the wedding. Some weddings are more customary and typical in nature and hence will require a flower such as a rose. Subsequently other weddings might be non-traditional and very imaginative of a cheery nature and in these cases it is essential to select light, cool and arty flowers to go with the tone.

It is really essential to give yourself time to think and mull over the flowers that you are going to select for your floral wedding centerpiece as well as to pick flowers that goes along with the nature, surroundings, and subject matter of the wedding. By spending some time thinking about the centerpieces and making arrangements in advance you can make certain that you will have a stunning floral wedding centerpiece.