Sixteen years deserves a big celebration. This is the year you start driving, maybe you even begin seriously looking at colleges. You’re planning your life because you’re no longer a little girl.

But you kind of still are.

You are a young lady. Let your birthday shine with a pink and gold Sweet 16 ballroom at the Crystal Ballroom.

Though our designers will work with whatever color scheme and decor you want, let us talk about the pink and gold decor.

Gold shines. It shimmers. It implies royalty. A princess.

Pink is pretty. It’s lovely. It’s young. It’s absolutely feminine.

Pink and gold together is an elegant, fun combination that will have guests excited to be celebrating you.

We can use pink drapery around your cake table. We can decorate your canopy in glitz. Our lighting experts can set our uplighting and spotlights to make the whole room absolutely perfect.

We love all the events we host, but we especially love Sweet 16 birthdays. They are such a sweet time of family and friends, a time when life is changing and growing. A time when eyes are opening to see more of the world. A time when freedom is granted though a driver’s license.

Contact us and let us help you design the best birthday party ever. Use our services to ensure that your day is stress-free. Just leave all the room decorating to us and we won’t disappoint. As for the food, the flowers, the cake, we have an open vendor policy so you are free to choose anything you like.

And that is beautiful.