We’re getting into the holiday season. In fact, we’re already in the middle of it! Everyone is buying turkeys and Christmas gifts. But if you are a Latino girl turning 15 next year, you might be thinking about more than just the winter holidays.

You’re probably looking at dresses. You’re probably thinking about who you should ask to be your damas and chamberlains, and you’re probably thinking about what they’ll wear too. You’re probably trying on tiaras and shoes and tasting all kinds of cakes.

And you’re probably thinking about where you will have this amazing event. Quinceanera locations might be the last thing on your mind, but it is one of the most important things to your event. You want a place that can comfortably host all your friends and family, where you can dance forever and carry out the traditions of every girl’s quinceanera, where you can feast and cry and laugh and eat lots of cake.

This place will be the background of your entire event. It has the power to make or break your event.

Contact us because our ballrooms have hosted multiple quinceaneras. We have seen everything from extremely traditional to modern all the way. We have multiple packages that can help ensure your event is perfect. We can cater, design, decorate, DJ, bartend, set up and clean up afterward. But we also invite you to simply book our facilities and bring in your own vendors. At the Crystal Ballroom, we believe that whatever works for you is always the only choice to make.