While giant poofy dresses and sparkles everywhere is absolutely sufficient for your quinceanera, we’re here to talk about another kind of event.

This event is the modern quinceanera. An event where you get to be a little more casual. Of course, the traditions stand, the family, the fun, the weight of the ceremony.

But maybe you want to play around with the decor. Maybe you want something different, something special, something unique to you and the times you are living in.

Let’s imagine the possibilities, beginning with the absolutes: you are almost 15. You are your mother and father’s little girl. You have invited your entire family, and your very best friends to celebrate your rite of passage. Words like celebratory and big come to mind.

Bright colors always promote excitement. Choose one or two and then a neutral color like a grey or beige, white or black, to compliment the palate.

Look into short dresses, knee length ones that will give the whole event a more casual feel. If you want a long dress for the ceremony and a shorter, lighter dress for the reception, do it! Keep your tiara tight to your head!

For the cake, think cake pops or cupcakes instead. Even layered brownies or a giant cookie would be fun and unique!

Contact us for more ideas on your modern quinceanera. We have everything you need to have an amazing reception! Browse our packages and set up a Facetime or Skype tour to learn more about what we can do for you!