There’s always a lot of talk about June brides and the advantages of getting married in the summer months, but a winter wedding can bejust as magical as a summer wedding. Your winter wedding at the Crystal Ballroom in Daytona Beach can be the wedding of your dreams. It’s easy to whip up a winter wonderland theme for your wedding. Although the weather is typically mild even in the winter months in Daytona Beach, you can bring winter to your venue space with some detailed decorations that help you feel the chill.

Silver and Blue

These colors transport a bride and her guests to a winter wonderland. From table clothes and bows to plates and centerpieces, silver and blue can play a central role in bringing your winter land theme together. These colors are in the cool palette and work well with other decorations. Light glinting off the silver reminds guests of sunshine hitting the ice while the blue color reminds you of the hue of ice in glaciers and along frozen waters.


A winter themed wedding reception begs to have as many snowflakes as possible. These decorations can hang from the ceiling, line the walls, and appear on the tables. You can use place cards in the shape of snowflakes to assign seats for the dinner service. You can even place a snowflake shaped item in the favor bags for the guests to take home and remember your special day. You can ask the caterer to carry this theme by baking rolls and other items into a rough snowflake shape.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we love exploring our brides’ ideas and helping them realize the themes of their weddings. Contact us today and schedule a meeting with one of our professionals.