If you are planning a wedding in the winter, this can give you an opportunity for unique decor that fits the season. Winter weddings don’t need to feel drab because of the weather, and in fact, this can be a feature of your unique day. Here are three winter wedding options that can spruce up your wedding ballroom to fit the season perfectly.

1. Opt for Branches and Ribbons Over Flowers

You might not be able to source abundant floral arrangements in the winter months, and those available might be out of your price range. There are other tasteful types of decor that you can opt for other than flowers, such as branches, pine swags, and colorful ribbons. These can make your wedding venue festive without the added expense of importing flowers that are out of season.

2. Create a Winter Wonderland

A great way to deal with chilly weather on your wedding day is to embrace the beauty of winter. If you can decorate your wedding ballroom to incorporate a festive, winter look, your day will be unique and can mimic the winter scene outdoors. While your venue will stay warm, bringing in strings of white lights, frosted decor, and even crystal table settings to mimic ice can incorporate the beauty of winter.

3. Incorporate Seasonal Colors

While you might have your heart set on trending wedding colors, if your day is in the wintertime, you might want to go with a more seasonal look. This could involve bringing in reds and greens if you are around the holidays, or blues and whites if you are further into winter. Embracing colors that work with the season will make your wedding an inviting space for your guests.

Work with your wedding ballroom coordinator to make sure your color and decor options will mesh with your specific reception needs. Contact us for further information on how to make your winter wedding festive and as joyful as any spring or summer wedding would be.