At Crystal Ballroom Orlando, we offer all inclusive wedding packages.

And why, you ask, is so that important?

Well, we are so glad you asked! Our all inclusive packages are not just things sentences that we through together, but things that we have set up thoughtfully, using our extensive wedding knowledge.

We know that wedding planning is a lot to take on for anyone. But we love weddings, and we have been a part of so many weddings that we believe we have the foresight to help.

Our packages include something for everyone. Starting at $4000, we will provide you not only with a great party place, but with experts. Our lighting experts will set the atmosphere for your event while our designers will make the ceiling and the tables, the chairs and all the other details compliment your day.

We provide packages for every day of the week because we know that sometimes you want a Sunday brunch and other times you want to party all Saturday night. We know that your wedding will be elegant when you choose Crystal Ballroom. We know because we have seen the epitome of elegance within our very walls.

We have space for cocktail hours with butlers serving hors d’oeuvres. We have space for hundreds of people to eat dinner together. We have a place for you, no matter what you envision your wedding to be.

Contact us to see for yourself. Schedule a Facetime or Skype tour today, and take a look through our gallery to see just what kind of elegance we can provide.