Weddings are always magical. They are where two people become one, where two families meld together, where friends gather to celebrate, where a whole day is set aside for smiles, photos, dancing, cake, and dining together.

Do you know how you want your wedding to look? Is it going to be a pastels and white rope lights, roses and ribbons kind of wedding? Or maybe a barefoot with sunflowers, and a string quartet pronouncing your presence down the aisle kind of wedding?

Whatever type of wedding you are planning, consider location as part of the decor.

The ocean adds to the magic of any wedding. Waves crashing, sun shining, glowing over the blue water. The ocean is a ready-made soundtrack, the perfect beautiful addition to your photos. Enjoy an afternoon wedding with an evening of sunset watching and stars poking out over your magical day.

The ocean provides built-in entertainment that will never get old. Provide folding chairs for your guests to have appetizers on the sand. Are you inviting a lot of kids? Ask them to bring their swimsuits, and give away buckets of sand toys. Have a sand castle contest.

Use the ocean for photo ops. Write your new names in the sand around a large heart outline and stand in the middle for lasting memories.

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