With marriage proposals modernizing into an “anything goes” mentality, long-standing proposal customs are often considered optional, adding confusion to what’s considered proper when it comes to proposing.

In fact, a recent proposal survey revealed that 68 percent of Americans agree that there’s no “right” way to propose.

an etiquette expert Peter Post weigh in on some of today’s most-discussed proposal etiquette issues:

Meet the Parents

* This is a common question and an area where the rules have slightly changed. The concept of asking your intended’s parents’ permission to wed may seem old-fashioned, but the modern equivalent isn’t – discussing your plans and intentions with your future in-laws is still a sign of respect.

On Bended Knee

* Once considered a sign of servitude to the lover, this tradition dates back to the days of knights and chivalry and continues to evoke romance today. But if you think you’ll be weak at the knees when proposing, pick another pose that’s comfortable for you.

Romance Rules

* Decide on what your intended will find sentimental and memorable and incorporate meaningful gestures – such as asking for her hand at her favorite restaurant.

As etiquette guidelines evolve with the times, planning a proposal can be confusing and overwhelming. Just always make sure to put thought into this moment simple reason is because its a special one that you will and your partner will tell over dinner parties for a long time to come.