Everyone knows that having the right tool for the job is important if you want to get a task done right, and wedding planning is no different. Yes, many brides and grooms successfully plan and pull off their own wedding celebrations, but most who have attempted to do this would tell you that if they could change anything about their wedding, they would have hired more help!

While some independent and self-sufficient couples prefer to make all their own arrangements, others realize that the busyness of life can be overwhelming when trying to plan a significant life event! Many brides, however, shy away from hiring a wedding planner out of fear that the wedding planner will turn the event into their own, instead of following the bride’s wishes. In order to help you decide between hiring a wedding planner or wedding coordinator, consider the following:

  • Time – As a bride, how much time do you have free to contact vendors, hire a photographer, or vet DJ’s? Since many vendors work during normal business hours, will your job allow you the time to make these arrangements while you are also on the clock, or are you willing to spend all of your lunch breaks playing phone tag? By hiring a wedding planner, you may be able to save yourself time, energy, and prevent a headache.
  • Communication – How well do you communicate with others? If you are concerned about your wedding vendors understanding exactly what your wishes and expectations are, it might be easier to hire a wedding planner to communicate all those details for you.
  • Logistics – This is a big one, specifically on your special day. If you have the time to make your own wedding arrangements with various vendors, and possess excellent communication skills so that they are able to understand exactly what you desire from them, then perhaps you will not need to hire a wedding planner, but a wedding coordinator instead. A wedding coordinator can help organize and manage the details of your wedding day. He or she can be available to receive deliveries from your caterer, florist, and baker, tell your flower girl when its time for her to start down the aisle, and can keep your reception flowing easily. Your wedding coordinator may even be willing to intervene on your behalf if manipulative family members create difficult emotional situations on your wedding day.

Finding the right balance of help is key to getting a wedding planned, and the Crystal Ballroom wedding coordinator may just be the perfect option for you! To learn more about the services our wedding coordinators provide, or to make a reservation for your upcoming wedding, contact us today!