When you are planning your wedding, booking a wedding package gives you the most value. Depending on the company that you choose, wedding packages in Orlando range from very simple packages that only include the location, officiating, and a few guests to all-inclusive packages that give you multiple options and several personal touches before, during, and after your wedding. You need to consider two important things when choosing your wedding package in Orlando.


Some wedding venues force you to use their D.J.’s, caterers, bakers, bartenders and photographers. Consider a venue’s preferred vendors because they are familiar with the venue, and have a special relationship that may result in discounted rates. However, you should seek out a package that gives you the flexibility to use other vendors, in the case that you want to your Aunt Sally to bake your cake and your cousin’s friend to D.J.


Days of the Week

When you are planning your Orlando wedding, you may automatically choose a Saturday package because in the United States, most weddings are held on Saturdays. Depending what is best for you, consider booking a wedding package on another day of the week. You can book a wedding package in Orlando on any day of the week. Planning a candlelight Friday evening wedding, a Sunday morning brunch ceremony or a Happy Hump-Day Wednesday wedding comes with its perks. You will have more options for available dates and the price is typically discounted.


When you are ready to book your Orlando wedding package, contact us so we can help you with these considerations and many more.