As prepared as you think you’ll be on your wedding day, things are bound to be hectic, and it’s likely that not everything will go as planned. I advise couples to hire a wedding planner or Day of event coordinator which both of our venues do offer, here at The Crystal Ballroom to make sure everything comes together as planned on the wedding day, but if that isn’t in the budget, you should at least hand everything over to someone you trust. All you should be doing on your wedding day is relaxing and enjoying the experience!

So what are the wedding “to-do’s” typically handled on the Big Day?

Let’s hit the highlights:

– Keep an eye on the weather.
– Make final decisions about the wedding location in the event of rain as early as possible to give vendors time to set up.
– Make sure welcome gifts for your guests have been distributed by the hotel.
– Ensure the bridal party checks in for styling appointments at the specified time.
– Hand over all ceremony and reception items to your wedding planner or the on-site event manager.
– Include instructions for placement and handling.
– Track the arrival and setup of all wedding vendors, promptly checking in with anyone who is running late. Ideally, this will be handled by your coordinator.
– Give yourself (and the bridal party) enough time to get dressed. It’s better to be ready and waiting for the ceremony start time than scrambling to prepare at the last minute.
– Eat something. Don’t pass up on a light meal due to nerves or excitement, and stay hydrated with a couple glasses of water throughout the morning.
– Pay any vendors who are expecting payment on the wedding day, and distribute tips you’re handing out.
– Have a plan for collecting all cards and gifts after the event.
– Express your thanks. Take a few minutes to thank your parents, your in-laws, your bridal party, and anyone else who helped make your wedding day come together.
– Have fun! As I mentioned, the most important item on any couple’s to-do list should be enjoying the moment and taking time to appreciate every aspect of their wedding day.

Although we all hope our wedding day will be perfect, be prepared for the reality that some things may go awry. Just chalk it up to a wedding day memory and don’t stress about it. As long as you have some reliable help, your wedding day to-do list will get done quicker than you can say “I do!”