Are you searching for a wedding ballroom theme that’s symbolic and sweet? If so, perhaps there’s none better than a wedding favor collection that includes honey. The tasty, often organic, treat is rich in amorous symbolism and fits right in with either a spring or summerfete. For example, did you know that it’s long been associated with Cupid’s potent arrows? It’s true and we all know that cupid is associatedwith angel wings, hearts, love and flowers.

Wedding Reception Gifts

Bearing that in mind, personalized jars of clover honey would make excellent wedding favors as would dainty, honey pots complete with wooden dippers. Honeybee shaped salt and pepper shakers would also be perfect as either gifts or part of the reception area’s table settings. They’re all typically priced affordably and fit into the sweet, amorous theme.

Bee-u-tiful Toasting Glasses

And let’s not forget mead. It’s a sensuous, celebratory drink typically made with honey. As such, wedding favor collections that include toasting glasses would marry perfectly with a honey theme too. We happen to love the ones included in the garden wedding favors collection because they feature personalized blooms. Plus, the blooms match popular, custom labels.

Pre-Wedding Sweetness

The labels fit diminutive jars, tins and boxes that could be filled with honey flavored treats or cosmetics. So, the honey theme could be extended into the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and bachelor party as well. For instance, just picture the ladies receiving floating floral candles, lip balm or mints. As for the gents, they’d most likely love lollipops, jelly beans and sweet lemonade with a honey twist. Any one of those items would fit in a collection of personalized, stylish containers.

And they’re just a taste of the many wedding ballroom favors that would get guests buzzing about a honey theme. To learn more, please contact our personal event planners today.