If you are planning on a ceremony in one of our wedding ballrooms, there is one very important item that is NOT included in our all-inclusive wedding packages, and that is the marriage license itself. Today, we would like to offer information on how to obtain a marriage license before your big day arrives.

In Florida, a county court judge or a clerk of the circuit court are the only people who can issue a marriage license. In order to obtain a license, couples must appear together in person in any Florida county courthouse. Blood tests are no longer required, but each person must present a valid government issued photo ID, and while they do not need to present their social security cards, they will need to know their numbers in order to correctly fill out the application. Couples can apply in any county and marry in the same or any other county in the state three days after receipt of the license, and within sixty days of its issuance. Marriage licenses cost $93.50, but if a couple chooses to complete a licensed Florida pre-marital course, the court will reduce the fee to $61.00.

  • Tip: Requirements change from time to time, so before making travel plans, verify necessary conditions with the local marriage license office or county clerk. This article is intended for informational purposes only, and should not be taken as legal advice.

Of course, at the Crystal Ballroom, we can put together an elegant wedding ceremony very quickly, or can help you plan your event months in advance. Obtaining a license is a vital part of legally recognizing any wedding and can often be forgotten about until just before your ceremony. You take care of the license, and let us handle the rest of your wedding planning. Contact us to find out more about how we can assist you with the non-legal details of your special event.