You’ve been dreaming of your perfect wedding day since you were a little girl. Of course, what you didn’t know then is how much work planning a wedding actually is. From finding the perfect dress and choosing a flattering font for the invitations, there is always a decision to make. One thing you might not have considered is the picky eater who’ll attend your wedding at the Crystal Ballroom. Here are a couple of ways to handle these eaters.

Offer a Vegetarian Option

In every crowd, there is almost sure to be one vegetarian. They’ll want a dish with tofu meat and plenty of vegetables. You can request the dish include some other starch than rice or noodles to tackle the gluten issue. This type of dish will appeal to people with milk intolerance or those looking to loose weight. A vegetarian dish appeals to a variety of picky eaters not just vegetarians.

Add a Simple Chicken Dish

Most people enjoy eating chicken even those with special dietary needs or ones who are just fussy eaters. In this case, you might ask for a baked chicken without an added sauce that someone might not enjoy. This can be served with rice and a green vegetable, such as green beans or peas. This doesn’t need to be a gourmet offering with an unusual vegetable or puree. Simple is better for this one dish.

Skip Seated Meal and Offer a Buffet

A buffet meal is going to give your guests the most options to pick and choose what they enjoy eating. You can request vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options as part of the spread. The caterer can attach signs to things containing or cooked with nuts to warn anyone with allergies.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we want to help make your wedding the perfect day that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Contact us today for a tour of the property.