Of all the holidays, the Quinceanera is considered prime among them, a highly important occasion, when a girl becomes a woman. Of course, with this comes the need of a venue, and what better than the Crystal Ballroom? The venue comes with all sorts of decoration packages, enough to compliment any and all color schemes and variations, and beautifully designed rooms to go with them. There are few places in the world that match the splendor and beauty of the Ballroom, and that is fitting for a girl-turned-woman, especially when it’s her day above all else. The Crystal Ballroom is a wonderful venue for any occasion, and a Quinceanera is more than that, it’s above an ordinary party; the Ballroom is therefore above an ordinary venue. While you could go to the local fire hall or church to host it, there’s no glamour, no beauty, no shine in that, and that isn’t what you want to have your daughter remember her fifteenth as do you? No, of course not, so you want to make it the most memorable day of her life aside from her wedding day! This is an important occasion and must be treated as such, so you must book the Crystal Jewel. Now, to do so is simple, merely contact the lovely people working at Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, and you can set it up immediately. There are all sorts of options for pricing, and therefore many packages to pick from! You can contact us if you have any questions and visit our website to find out more. There’s even a whole area devoted to Quinceaneras and packages designed specifically for the occasion! So go on, contact us today, and give your daughter a Quinceanera she’ll never forget! You won’t regret it, this I can assure you!