You love hosting a party or special occasion. However, there are times when your home isn’t the best place to hold the event. It might be the occasion is so special it needs a special location or the number of people you want to invite. Here are a few occasions when a hall rental in Orlando, Florida, will make your event more special and easier to manage.


Baptisms and Other Religious Ceremonies

A child’s baptism is a time for celebration, family and friends. Instead of limiting the number of guests to close friends and immediate family, a party hall allows you to invite everyone to share in your joy. With the additional room, you can enjoy a sit down meal or arrange for a buffet. Everyone will have their own seat at the table instead of eating from a plate in their lap on an overcrowded sofa.


50th Wedding Anniversary

As the Baby Boomers grow older, many people are beginning to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Fifty years of marriage requires a significant celebration. In their 50 years of marriage, the couple has accumulated many friends and coworkers to invite, making a ballroom the perfect place to accommodate everyone.


Family Reunion

It is exciting to get all of your family together from great-aunt Mildred to your second cousin once removed. With so many people in an extended family, you do not want to try to cook, clean and provide space in your home for the party. A local restaurant will get overwhelmed with so many people and rush you out. A party hall is the ideal location.


At Crystal Ballroom, we have everything you need to make these and other events amazing. We offer chairs and tables. We can help you with caterers and party planners. It is our goal to help make your next party a success. Contact us today to learn more or view the property.