If you are engaged and have decided to use our elegant venue for your wedding and reception, you are probably anxious about your first dance as husband and wife in our wedding ballroom. First, you should relax! You do not need to worry. As a helpful reminder, here are some tips that will help you look like a pro when you are dancing with the love of your life in our grand ballroom.

Take Lessons from a Professional

The best way to prepare for your wedding dance is to hire a professional. Depending on your budget, you can book a private lesson at a dance studio or decide to enroll in a dance class.

Remember Your Posture

Have you ever seen a dancer slouch? No, of course not! When you are on the dance floor you should remember to elongate your neck and body. If you recognize that you struggle with standing up straight, you can make an effort to correct your posture before your wedding.

Remember Where You Should Place Your Hands

Typically in ballroom dancing, the man’s left hand holds the woman’s right hand. Meanwhile his right hand is placed on the woman’s shoulder and her left hand should be placed on the man’s right shoulder.

Remember to have fun

Lastly, try to relax and enjoy your special day! If you are new to dancing don’t worry about being perfect – just focus on having fun with your husband or bride!

If you would like to learn more please contact us today. Our friendly and professional staff at the Crystal Ballroom can explain more about how we can serve you on your wedding day.