Saying yes when he popped the question was the easiest part of getting married. Now, you spend your days deciding on flowers, dresses, decorations and dozens of other things. If you’ve decided to have a destination wedding, there’s another layer of planning. You’re making plans for a location where you don’t live. Plus, when it comes time to pack for your wedding, you have to pack for both your wedding and your honeymoon. Here are some tips for packing for your gorgeous beach wedding.

Never Pack and Check Your Wedding Dress

Allowing the airlines to check your wedding dress is testing the fates. You don’t want to end up in Florida while your wedding dress lands in New York City. When you purchase your dress, talk with the store about the best way to carry it on the plane. Many stores provide you with a plastic carry bag for your dress. If you need to pack it, fold it carefully into a suitcase and carry it onto the airplane.

Getting Your Dress Pressed

Once you arrive at your hotel, you’ll want your wedding dress freshened. If you’re staying at an upscale hotel, they may offer a pressing service. You can turn your dress over to the hotel, and they’ll get it back to you in a couple of hours. When your hotel doesn’t offer a pressing service, ask at the front desk about a local dry cleaner who can rid your dress of any wrinkles.

Don’t Pack That

In many cases, airlines charge a small fortune for checked baggage so you don’t want to pack things that you don’t need to. Check with your hotel to see what amenities they offer in the rooms and hotels. The probably have hairdryers and irons at the very least. This can save you space for more important things.

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