We’ve all seen those viral videos of wedding disasters. You know the ones were talking about– the ones where the cake slides off the table, the ring bearer runs down the aisle in tears, or the best man locks his knees and passes out during the ceremony. Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable, but for the right reasons. Today, we would like to share three ideas for hosting a ballroom wedding that is memorable for the right reasons!

  • Keep your goals in mind. At the end of your wedding day, your goal, we hope, is to be officially married. By keeping the end goal in mind, you are much more likely to have a wedding that you, and your guests will enjoy. So rather than let yourself be stressed out by worrying that the reception food will be the right temperature, the cake will be enjoyed, and the bubbles will be blown just at the right moment so that your photographer will get the perfect shot of the two of you leaving your reception, remember that the point of your day is to pledge your love and fidelity to your spouse. Everything else that happens is, well, icing on the cake!
  • Keep it simple. From the guest list to the wine list, give priority to the people and things you love. It is okay to limit your wedding to only your closest friends and family members. Its okay if you choose to serve one signature cocktail instead of having a full bar. Whether the subject in question is party favors, music, or decorations, if you and your spouse-to-be aren’t 100% thrilled with any aspect of your wedding, ditch it in favor some something that is simple, but elegant. You and your guests are much more likely to remember key aspects of your wedding and reception if you keep everything simple.
  • Invest in a great photographer. Yes, memories are great, but photographs have a special way of prompting our memories years later, when time and age have taken their toll. If you are considering on splurging on one aspect of your wedding, splurge on a world-class photographer. A great professional photographer is worth every cent you will spend, and will be able to produce photos, and memories, that are priceless.

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