It’s not enough to throw a birthday party or wedding and just select some colors these days. Now, it’s all about having a theme to the wedding or the party. From rustic, farm themes to various past decades, such as the 1960s or 80s, themes are all the rage when planning a major social event. Of course, you want your event at a venue in Orlando to stand out and be something different to impress your guests. Here are a couple of themes to consider.

Journey Themed Wedding

A wedding is the first step in a journey for the new couple, making a journey theme ideal. Around the space, you can put out small suitcases with luggage tags and pens. You can encourage guests to leave well wishes and tidbits of married life advice written on the luggage tags and throw them into the suitcases.

You can use globes as centerpieces. To hand out party favors, you can make up small suitcases filled with goods under a banner that says: To Take on Your Journey Home.

With this theme, your caterer can have fun creating food themes and carts from various regions and countries. You can have a Roman station filled with pastas and a pastry station from France.

Outdoor Carnival Birthday or Graduation Party

This is a great party idea for kids of all ages. The space can include carnival games such as dart throwing at balloons, basketball hoops, and a dunk tank. For older children, such as tweens and teens, the prizes for these games can include nail polish, gift cards, comic books and a grand prize of an iPod.

For food stations and carts, you can have a lot of fun. You can include a cotton candy stall, hot dog cart, pretzel cart and popcorn station. Your caterer might have some other fun ideas.

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