Your daughter’s sweet 16 party is one of the best memories she will have of her teen years. Sure, there is prom and graduation, but a 16th birthday party is all about her. It is a celebration of her becoming a young adult who is old enough to drive. She will want to invite all of her friends and make sure they all have a great time. You will want to use a theme to decorate her sweet 16 ballroom ahead of the party. Here are some popular themes to consider.


A 1950s Sock Hop

In the 1950s, rock and roll was born. It was an exciting time when girls wore poufy poodle skirts and the boys slicked back their hair. They ate burgers at diners and listened to music on the jukebox. This makes a great theme for a sweet 16 and for the girls to try on saddle shoes and dance the night away.


Glitz and Glamour

Invite all the guests to get dressed up in their finest. You can hand out costume jewelry and have a bar that mixes cocktails for the kids, virgin of course. You can spend the evening enjoying music like they have in the clubs with strobe lights and a live DJ.


An Evening at the Beach

Decorate the ballroom with beach chairs, children’s pools and sandboxes. The guests can come dressed for a day at the beach. You can have a cookout and enjoy an evening at the beach.


At the Crystal Ballroom, we have everything you need to make your daughter’s sweet 16 a night she remembers her entire life. They offer tables, chairs and a bar area where virgin drinks can be poured. Their party planners can help you pull it all together. Contact us to schedule an appointment to select your ballroom and begin planning.