Although Quinceaneras are more popular in Latin America, they still do hold meaning here, in the state of Florida. In Florida, a teen is legally able to obtain a drivers license when they turn fifteen – so turning fifteen in the Sunshine State is indeed an important milestone among most teens. For most Latina girls, it’s especially significant – as traditionally, their fifteenth birthday marks the arrival of womanhood. Culturally, in Latin America, it is a common tradition for “girls [to be prepared] to be married by the age of fifteen,” and in many cases, the Quinceanera was also the celebration of a girl’s readiness for marriage.

However, today, modern Latinas living all over the world still keep very alive “the idea of having a big, grand and usually outrageous expensive party…” for their Quinceanera. The Quinceanera is celebrated as a “large scale [ceremony] similar to a wedding….” Most of the time, a traditional dance called the “damas y chamberlains (female and male friends) [is performed]… in the beginning of the dinner portions of the fiesta. The dancing requires weeks of preparation to ensure a perfect performance….”

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