At your Daytona Beach wedding, we can decorate. We can set tables. We can allow you to have the beach forever in your memories.

Yet there’s something else that every wedding needs. The wedding favor. Often an overlooked after-thought, this token of your love allows guests to feel a part of your life, not just your wedding day, as they get to take a symbol of your day home with them.

In this blog, we have put together a list of great wedding favors for your Crystal Ballroom wedding at Daytona Beach:

  1. Lanterns. Select a little, handheld lantern in a style of your choice. Set a candle inside, or etch your names and wedding day on the glass. Lanterns are beautiful in any home, but will be especially cherished when guests can remember you every time they see it.
  2. Sunglasses. Especially for an beach wedding set in the daylight. Set a sign nearby that says, “Don’t be blinded by our love.”
  3. Soaps. This favor is something very practical, but with all kinds of handmade soaps popping up recently, it will mean even more when you have a soap especially made for your day. Choose designs in shells or starfish, in a bright, beachy color.
  4. Chocolates. This is a gift sure to please everyone! As in the soap, choose a shape that holds to your beach theme. Flip flop chocolates, seashell chocolates, or sunshine chocolates would all be great choices.

We don’t just have great wedding favor ideas. We have great wedding decor ideas. Contact us so we can help you all the other details of your day!