When you’re planning a quinceanera, you have a lot to do. As far as the big picture goes, it’s almost like a wedding. You will need the perfect elegant dress and a marvelous cake. You will need a guest list filled with the names of your entire family and all of your closest friends. Traditions must be kept, but all in the realm of the beautiful girl’s personality.

It can be overwhelming to say the least. But let us help ease the necessity of planning.

Among all the decisions you will make, choosing a place to host your quinceanera is the most important. The venue will speak to everything. It is the background of your entire day. It is like the stationery on which a thank you note is written.

The Crystal Ballroom is certainly the best event center in Florida. We offer large rooms and beautiful outdoor landscaping, a hardwood dance floor, a vintage bar and coffee service, three sizes of banquet tables, linens and table settings, and a complete open-door vendor policy for all of your specific needs. We also offer an in-house designer and coordinator to help you bring everything together.

Among the reasons you should consider the Crystal Ballroom is our packages. This is our gift to you, a way to make your day easier. After all, easier planning means better celebrating.

Contact us to schedule a consultation. Browse our gallery of past events to discover exactly how we can ensure the perfect celebration. Let us tell you how our lighting experts can help you design the perfect uplighting and spotlights to make your day memorable.