No matter what type of event you are celebrating, it can get quite pricey. Sometimes, people may choose to celebrate at their home, or a friend’s home, due to the price of celebrating an event. When you can take advantage of January and February specials at the crystal ballroom, you don’t have to move the celebration to a home.

When you celebrate at your home, you end up doing all of the planning, and all of the work involved in the party. Instead of having an amazing time celebrating this event, you end up hosting it entirely. Many events only come around once in a lifetime. You don’t want to miss out because you are doing all of the work. Let the crystal ballroom be your host, and take all the work out of celebrating. All you have to do is enjoy your celebration, and save money by taking advantage of our specials. Our specials can save you money, and save you from being the host of your own party.

Whether you are celebrating a wedding, graduation, or simply spending time with family that you have not seen in years, the crystal ballroom is the place for you. With all of the dedicated staff, you will be able to celebrate this event, and enjoy all of your family, and friends. Leave the work to the professional, and the celebrating to you.

For more information on our specials, please contact us. We would be delighted to help you celebrate your event.