The day that you and your family have been waiting for is fast approaching. There are many sweet 16 birthday party places to celebrate, but none that are as unforgettable as the crystal ballroom.

The crystal ballroom offers several amenities that other places simply leave out. Amenities include: three sizes of banquet tables, chairs, table linens, and spectacular formal chinaware. Most other venues stop at offering tables, and chairs.

When you celebrate with the crystal ballroom, you have the option to choose items that you would prefer to bring in instead of having them chosen for you. For example, if you prefer to choose your own D.J., you are welcome to do so. If there is something that you have in mind, please let the staff know, and they would be glad to work with you.

Choosing the crystal ballroom as the place to celebrate the sweet 16 birthday party of your dreams also has the perk of the amazing staff. The staff will be glad to do everything for you so that you, and your family can enjoy this long-awaited day without having all of the work on your shoulders. Many families choose venues where they are constantly pitching in. When this happens, many times the families miss out on really getting to celebrate this special day. Instead of celebrating, they are busy meeting all the needs of the party.

For more information on celebrating a sweet 16 birthday party, please contact us. We would be delighted to help put together one of the best days of your child’s life.