Have a teenage daughter that’s turning 16 soon? Want to make her birthday this year more memorable than ever? Help her create special memories by throwing her a sweet 16 ballroom party.

Buy Her a Beautiful New Gown for the Ball

One of the best things about attending a ball is finding just the perfect gown. So go with her to shop for a beautiful new gown that’s sure to make her feel like a princess on her sweet 16 birthday. However, if she prefers to go gown shopping with her friends instead, do allow her to do so. After all, this special event is all about her. Just make sure to give her the money to buy her dream gown before she heads out the door.

Make It an All-Day Event

Make the entire day of her 16th birthday a special occasion. Plan for her to get her hair and nails done before the party officially begins. She’ll feel incredibly pampered because of it. Plus it will help her to look even better in her ballroom gown.

Allow Her to Dance the Night Away

Does your daughter have a curfew that she usually must abide by? For her sweet 16 ballroom party, consider extending it a little, even if it’s just for one night. That way, she’ll be able to have fun and truly dance the night away.

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