It’s good to be young, but tell that to your teenager and they will probably roll their eyes. Teenagers are good at that, you know. Teenagers are also good at thinking they know everything. They’re good at wanting to be older than they are. They’re really good at texting and making lifelong friends, and teenagers are good at throwing parties.

Do you have a teenager who is about to turn sixteen? If so, do they want to celebrate? We mean, do they want to go all out in a celebration of life?

Sixteen doesn’t seem that big once we’re grownups, but sixteen is huge when you’re in it. Sixteen is a time of driving and therefore freedom. Sixteen is the age when life starts to become real.

Sixteen, as John Mellencamp advises, hold onto it. Hold onto that feeling of being sixteen and unstoppable. Hold onto that feeling of being beautiful and loving life.

When your teenager turns sixteen, celebrate big.

Do you have a girl? Sweet 16 ballrooms are the perfect answer to celebration. Do you have a boy? The same ballroom can be used in a masculine way. Though “sweet” 16 is typically linked to girls, boys can have 16th birthday parties too. We just probably shouldn’t call them “sweet” because, you know, little boys are made of snips and snails and puppy dog tales, and teenage boys are really just bigger little boys.

For a Girl

Play up the glitter, the pink and purple, the dancing, the photos. Make it really special by bringing her favorite celebrity band to serenade her. Let her have what she wants. Celebrate her.

For a Boy

Make it masculine. Get his favorite foods. Get a DJ. Forget the bows and the glitter. Go simple with black tablecloths and simple centerpieces like candles or vases with representations of his favorite things inside (e.g., footballs, baseballs, golf balls, photos of classic cars, etc.)

Whoever your child is, contact us for the ultimate celebration of their sixteenth year!