Who would have thought fifty years ago, when weddings traditionally took place in a church or courthouse, that someday so many creative ideas for ceremony sites would be available to us! For many, the church wedding will never be out of style, and for others, a quick trip to the justice of the peace is still the preferred way to start wedded life together, but if you are looking for another alternative for your ceremony site, the Crystal Ballroom may be where your search ends!

When you book one of our very affordable wedding packages, you not only have reserved the use of our venue for your special event, but you also have access to the services of our creative design team. From centerpieces, to table linens, to dramatic lighting, our designers are happy to handle every aspect of the decor for your event.

Have your own ideas for decorating that you would like to bring to the table? Great! We want you to be completely satisfied! After all, your wedding day is YOUR day!

With access to so many beautiful ballroom decoration ideas via the internet, it is understandable that the job of choosing a wedding venue, arranging for all the decor, and somehow still managing to look beautiful and carefree on one’s wedding day can cause blushing brides everywhere an undue amount of stress. Our team is standing by to help, and wants to make sure your day is as stress-free as possible! Ready to learn more about all the possibilities for ballroom decorations at any of our locations? Contact us today for more information!