When planning an event there are many things that come to mind, along with the stress factor that gets in the way of decision making. A stress free event venue is the place to be. Finding a venue is crucial in this process, then the vendors (such as photographer, disc jockey, caterer, and cake baker), date of event selecting, and so much more. It’s enough to give you a headache. When deciding on what venue to select so much runs through your mind. First you want to make sure that location is important, reason being you want beautiful pictures taken the day of your event and the photographer can explore options to be more creative when capturing these important memories. Next, find out policies that the venue has that will benefit you financially and mentally (gives you a break). Ask questions, it is better to be educated on the venue that could be a potential candidate to your future event then to make a bad decision affecting everything.

Find out the services that each venue you visit offers. If you think about it, why travel to different locations when you can conveniently locate most of your needs in one location. It saves time on what is a priority on your special day which is you. Compare pricing and offers for different venues, also was the staff friendly, courteous, and attentive? These questions are important to understand the experience that you will have of course futuristically thinking. Planning an event should be stress free and here at The Crystal Ballroom we pride ourselves in making the most memorable experience a spectacular one. We can assist you on your event in so many ways. Providing you with information on our preferred vendors is just a plus taking a few things off your list?

Our open bar policy and open door caterer policy is what keeps our clients happy. Want to have alcohol at your event? We can assist with a licensed and insured bartender to mix up all your favorite cocktails. Have a family member or restaurant that offers your favorite cooking? Bring them in we can assist your favorite caterer in setting up as well as serving to your family and friends at no additional cost. The Crystal Ballroom provides the Ultimate experience in overall affordability and flexibility. Our décor staff will assure your event is beautifully decorated from head to toe with dazzling centerpieces, ceiling drapery, up lighting and more for a flawless event. The banquet staff will complete the night with superior service and structure.

Contact The Crystal Ballroom for more information and to schedule an appointment at (407)681-2710 or explore our website at www.thecrystalballroom.com