You always wanted a magical ballroom look for your wedding. Crystal Ballroom, in all of its Florida locations, will deliver the hardwood floors, the DJ-friendly sound system, the breath-taking uplighting and so many of the little touches you’re imagining. But what about the language of nature? Spring weddings offer the opportunity to bring in some of the most treasured flowers from the long tradition of celebrating love in bloom. Beautiful table centerpieces are a must — they make lasting memories for you and for your guests.

At Crystal Ballroom we can assist you in getting your floral centerpieces or you can choose to bring in your own floral designer — a trusted professional or a member of your family — we’ve seen it all. Here are some of the spring flowers designers are excited about.

Go nostalgic with peonies or lilacs

There is a good chance that your mom or your grandmother or her mom carried peonies to the altar. These soft romantic blooms convey an innocence brides love to incorporate into their day. White and pastel versions work alone but are most often added into a soft mixed bouquet or arrangement.

Or reach into the English garden look with lilacs. These delicate blooms bring back recollections of childhood play in spring garden. The colors are perfect for many of the soft, muted wedding theme we are seeing this spring.

Imagine the roses singing

Roses speak in poetry and bring smiles to your wedding. Scatter rose petals, provide tiny rosebuds for your groomsmen’s boutonnières or build magnificent table centerpieces that speak of love in bloom.

Wait, you say, what is that flower that looks a lot like a rose but is all over the wedding magazines this time of year? Check out the romantic ranunculus family with shapes that remind you a little bit of roses but with a carefree modern feel.

Whichever flowers you choose for your big day, relax and know that at the Crystal Ballroom, in any of our glamorous locations, we will provide the tables, fine china and luxury linens to make your floral fantasies come to life. Talk to us to refine and fulfill your wedding day plans.