Clients who come to us for wedding planning, do so because the Crystal Ballroom is famous for being an all-inclusive wedding stop. We pride ourselves in being able to handle many of the details of each special day so that the bride, groom, wedding party, and guests can relax and enjoy this memorable moment, which, by the way, SHOULD be memorable, but for the right reasons. The bride should be beautiful, the groom should be slightly nervous, the decor should be inviting, the music should be lively, the best man should be on point, and the food should look and smell tantalizing.

Wait. What was that about the best man?

Yes, traditionally, the best man does more than stand at the front, ready to catch the groom should he pass out. Traditionally, the best man may carry many responsibilities such as holding the bride’s ring during the ceremony until the vows are recited, planning the bachelor party, and seeing that the minister is given his honorarium at the end of the service. The biggest task of the best man, however, is to make the first toast to the new couple at the reception. Today, we offer four tips for writing a great best man speech for your Crystal Ballroom Wedding.

  1. Write down the speech. Do not ad lib in the moment. This could potentially create an embarrassing situation, so grab an index card, and jot down your thoughts ahead of time.

  2. Typically, a best man speech should thank everyone for coming, and talk about what a great man the groom is. If you are previously acquainted with the bride, it is acceptable to talk about her too, however be extremely careful when doing so.

  3. Don’t tell inside jokes. Most of the wedding guests will not understand them, so be poised, polished and polite instead.

  4. Be brief.

For more information about planning a Crystal Ballroom wedding, or to find out what our staff can do for you, contact us!