When your birthday falls in October, you can have a Halloween themed party that is fun and exciting with numerous possibilities. If it’s a significant birthday, you are already planning to have your party at an event venue, such as the Crystal Ballroom in Tampa Bay. Here are some fun activities to include at your Halloween themed birthday party this year.

Costume Contest

To encourage all of your guests to dress up and go all out plan a costume contest. You can have different categories of costumes. You can have the scariest costume, the best cartoon character, and the best fantasy costume. You can select a couple of close friends to be a judge or let the partygoers vote for their favorites in each category. The awards can be bags of candy with a printed award.

Design a Caramel Apple

You don’t want people bobbing for apples and getting all wet so create a space where they can design a caramel apple. You can provide apples and warmed caramel for dipping. With the caramel still warm, guests can add toppings to their apples, such as sprinkles, chocolate chips, nuts, additional icings, and many others. Provide a container for guests to take their apples home.

Haunted House

Your party planner and the event venue can help you create a haunted house in your venue space. It doesn’t need to be very big. You can include just a few rooms with skeletons, ghosts and a coffin with people jumping out at your guests.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we love to help people plan the party of their dreams. Contact us today for a tour and learn how we can help you make your dream come true.