If you’re planning a wedding, then your life is consumed with hundreds of details and decisions that you need to make. From the photographer to the caterer, everyone has questions, and you have the final say. It’s a lot of work. It’s your goal to ensure that each of your guests has the best time possible. When it comes to food, it can be tricky. You need to decide between a sit-down meal or buffet style. Of course, each guest has their own preference for food and some of them can be downright picky. Here are some fun DIY food stations for your ballroom banquet hall that all your guests are going to love.

Hot Chocolate Station

This is a great choice if you’re getting married in the fall or winter months. In the summer months, you can make it iced hot chocolate. Set out packages of premium hot chocolate and then a variety of toppings. You can include marshmallows, chocolate syrup, chocolate squares, cinnamon, vanilla and whipped cream.

Popcorn Station

Even people who say they don’t like popcorn, like popcorn. You can provide a real rustic feel with this type of station. Start by filling large bins with buttery popcorn and scoops to get it out. You can provide cardboard containers for the popcorn and a variety of toppings. There are all sorts of seasonings available for popcorn from nacho cheese to sour cream and onion. Of course, you need extra butter.

Mac and Cheese Station

You can work with your caterer to create mac and cheese in smaller serving, such as baking them individually in ramekins. Set out a variety of toppings for people to dress up their mac and cheese. You can include lobster, bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, chives and a variety of shredded cheeses. Your guests will love creating their own mac and cheese masterpiece.

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