Throwing rice at the happy couple after the wedding is a tradition that dates back to the ancient Romans who thought the act helped the fertility of the couple. However, in the modern world, we know that throwing rice isn’t eco-friendly and poses a threat to wildlife and birds. In recent years, couples have made their way through a barrage of bubbles as they leave, but when you’re planning your wedding and reception, you might want to do something different. Here are some alternatives to throwing rice after your wedding at the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando.


From sparking mettalics to pastels, confetti provides you plenty of colors, shapes and sizes for almost any themed wedding. You can have a little fun with a confetti station. Put out large jars of different colors and shaped confetti for guests to choose what they want to throw. You can use plastic or fabric bags for guests to assemble their confetti and keep it before it’s time to throw it.

 Pom Pom

Little balls of yarn in a plethora of colors can be the perfect thing to throw at your wedding. These soft balls won’t hurt, and they’re easy to clean up after the event is over. You can purchase them in bulk or make them up yourself.

Flower Petals

Imagine leaving your wedding as sweet smelling flower petals shower over your head. Many florists can sell you packages of flower petals to hand out to guests. However, you’ll need to keep them cool until they are needed, or they’ll begin to wilt.

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