Feeding your guests at your wedding reception takes a lot of thought and planning. Current wedding trends include more food planning than deciding between a sit-down meal or a buffet line. There are appetizers to serve during the cocktail hour and midnight snacks to serve to guests who have spent hours on the dance floor. Also, you need to consider offering snacks after dinner but before the midnight snack for people who need to nibble. Here are a couple of great snack station ideas for your wedding in a stunning ballroom banquet hall.

Donut Skewers

Who doesn’t love something sweet when they need a little kick of energy? You can use donut holes and spear them onto skewers and then arrange them on trays. Create skewers with a single flavor, such as glazed, chocolate, blueberry, powdered sugar, or cinnamon and sugar. Add skewers that have mixed flavors on them for your more adventurous guests.

Comfort Food

If you’ve had an elegant meal at the reception, your guests can appreciate a little comfort food in the way of a snack. You can work with your caterer to create a comfort food station for snacking. You can include items such as sliders with hamburgers, chicken or barbecue. You can include grilled hot dogs and sleeves of french fries, fried pickles or onion rings. These are great snack food that can be eaten quickly before the guest goes back out to the dance floor.

Breakfast Snacks

Work with the caterer to come up with some breakfast snacks. You can offer your guests mini Belgian waffles with a chicken tender on top for some great chicken and waffles with a side of maple syrup. Pancakes the size of half dollars with a side of maple syrup make a great snack. Caterers can use bacon to create an egg cup snack. You can offer just a single type of snack or a variety for your guests.

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