There’s a reason so many people choose the Crystal Ballroom for their ballroom wedding venue. It’s our immaculate rooms. It’s the beauty of our outdoors. It’s the all-inclusive, affordable event packages.

And yet we can’t help but remember all the smiling faces we’ve seen. When the bride enters. When the Quince dances with her court. When the new Sweet 16 tastes her cake. When the dad sneaks a kiss from his grown daughter’s cheek.

What surrounds these moments? Loved ones, and decor. Truly, the moments are the most important aspect, but oh, the background!

At your wedding, everything will be documented. Whether cell phone pictures with hashtags or by professional photographers with tripods (or hopefully both!), the moments will be captured. How lucky are we to live in a time when photographs are so easy?

These are moments that will be remembered. Make sure they are beautiful so that you are not only smiling in them, but when you look back on them. When drapery falls around the ceilings and tables are set to perfection, when tree branches fall perfectly and the Florida sun is shining just right. That is what you want in your photos.

We pride ourselves on providing stress-free events. We plan, we decorate, we ensure wedding perfection.

Contact us to give us an idea of your ideas. Let us know just what you want. What colors? How many people? What kinds of flowers? Let us help you so that you will be smiling on your wedding day and for all the days after, looking up at your wall or in your photo albums at all the memories of the day, and all the beauty.