Let’s face it, some people are great gift givers, and some just aren’t. Some people love putting time, energy, and thought into choosing that perfect present to celebrate a birthday, holiday, or significant milestone in life. Others, through no fault of their own, simply flounder in this area.

Considering how much stuff we American’s tend to accumulate throughout our lives, finding the right gift for someone who is just so hard to buy for is quite understandable. If you, like many of us, find yourself in a position of not knowing what to give to someone who already has everything, take heart! Consider why a celebration in their honor at the Crystal Ballroom would make a better gift than a real, tangible present.

1. More stuff is just more stuff.

As the years go by, and the number of birthdays one celebrates adds up, the need for physical presentschanges. After all, your intended recipient probably already has everything they need.

2. Things aren’t forever.

No matter how special you think that perfect gift is at the time it is given, it will eventually break down, be grown out of, or be put on a shelf to collect dust. Items don’t last forever, so why do we give them year after year?

3. Experiences are worth it!

The older one gets, the more one tends to value experiences shared with the people they love. This year, instead of a gift, why not give your loved one a chance to re-live old memories of shared experiences with their family and friends, while at the same time, help them to make a new one!

The Crystal Ballroom is the perfect place to celebrate birthdays! This year, skip the present, and let your gift be a party just for them! To learn more about how you can throw a memorable party for your loved one, contact us today!