Weddings typically tend to be the happiest of times, however, for those who have recently suffered a significant loss, wedding joy can betinged with grief. If you have recently lost someone who played an important part in your life, honoring that person at your ballroom wedding may be an important part of your emotional healing process.

There are many simple ways to honor the memory of someone you lost. Today, we would like to share three.

Display a Portrait

One of the simplest, but most direct ways of honoring your loved one’s memory is by displaying their picture. This may be done discretely, without comment, or, you may choose to ask your officiant, best man, or master of ceremonies to direct your guests attention to the portrait you have displayed. Whichever way you choose to do it, make sure it is a picture that perfectly captures the spirit of your loved one.

Light a Candle

While candles tend to contribute to the romantic atmosphere of a wedding, a solitary flame can be a focal point. You may wish to have a candle lit as part of your ceremony, or you may choose to have guests greeted with a burning flame as part of your decor. Like with a displayed photograph, consider having someone in your wedding party mention that the candle on display has been purposefully lit in the memory of your loved one.

Share a Song

If your loved one had a favorite song, consider having it sung as part of your ceremony, or played during your reception. Having trouble coming up with just the right tune? The optimism of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” may convey a sense of hope, in spite of lingering sorrow.

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