One of the most enduring of all wedding superstitions is the warning for the bride and groom not to see each other before the wedding. At the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, we’re delighted to answer all your questions so we’re taking a closer look at how this tradition got started and what it means today.

Origin of the tradition: The custom has its roots back in the old days of arranged marriages. At that time, marriages were more like business deals between families, and no one wanted the negotiations to fall through just because the bride and groom didn’t click. It seemed safer to keep them from getting a look at each other, even to the extent that the bride kept her face covered with a veil until the deal was sealed.

Making it work for you: Recent surveys suggest that modern brides and groom are about evenly split about seeing each other in advance. For some, a little distance heightens the anticipation and makes the moment when the groom first sees the bride in her wedding gown all the more romantic. On the other hand, some couples like the idea of being able to support each other by connecting before the wedding and having a few private moments together. Plus, there are the practical advantages of getting to take some pictures before the ceremony and share breakfast with everyone.

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