It is no secret that Florida has endless romantic backdrops. Couples looking to celebrate the beginning of their lives together have many options to choose from, including our miles of beautiful sandy beaches, a plethora of immaculately manicured fairways, as well as an abundance of gorgeous churches, historical sites, and courthouses. So why, then, do so many couples choose to exchange their vows at the Crystal Ballroom, Orlando? Here are just a few of their reasons:


At the Crystal Ballroom, we believe that each bride deserves to have the gorgeous wedding she’s always dreamed of. To help make that dream into a reality, we strive to give each couple the most bang for their buck. By including so many amenities into our special event packages, we are able to drive the costs to use our facilities down to the point where a Crystal Ballroom wedding can fit in almost any bride’s budget.


Not only is our Crystal Ballroom, Orlando centrally located in the state, it is also located close to the major transportation services in Orlando, such as Orlando International Airport and the Orlando Heath/Amtrack train station. This equates to convenient traveling for your guests, whether they come to town by car, plane, or train.


Hosting weddings and special events is what we do, and we believe we do it well! In fact, it is our goal to be known as the premier event venue for this area. It is quite an aspiration, given the other classy businesses and attractions in the area, but we believe we are out performing our competition on a regular basis, given the feedback we routinely receive from our satisfied clients. Our event designers pull out all the stops to ensure that each couple is given a romantic atmosphere in which to celebrate their marriage. From elegant decorations, to dramatic lighting– our team knows how to give each event a unique, but romantic setting.

Want to know more about how you can reserve our Crystal Ballroom in Orlando for your next big event? Contact us today to find out how simple hosting an event at our ballroom can be!