If you have visited Crystal Ballroom in any of our Central Florida locations, you have probably imagined yourself returning. Perhaps you will return for a daughter’s sweet sixteen or quinceañera party, a son’s wedding or a group’s reunion. However, we know that one of the most frequent fantasies that couples have while attending Crystal Ballroom events is about holding an epic anniversary party in the beautiful hall.

Making the fantasy come true is an affordable, practical response to the very human desire to celebrate your life, your love, and your community through the lens of your marriage.  No matter how long you have been together, whether you are hitting the tenth anniversary or the fiftieth, you will find significant advantages to renting a hall rather than hosting a party in your home.

Yes, you can invite many more guests to Crystal Ballroom

Go ahead, invite everybody! Want to seat over 50 people? Over 100 people? This is why you don’t want to celebrate at home, even if your digs are palatial. We have your whole party covered for comfortable dining.

The dance floor you imagine is waiting for you and your spouse

Even if your home is palatial, the odds are that you don’t have much space for dancing. Crystal Ballroom provides a huge, enticing dance floor your guests. Bring in your favorite music and get everybody up on their feet for an event to remember.

After an anniversary party, the last thing you’ll be thinking of is cleaning up

Imagine dozens of guests partying in your home. When they leave, all you can think about is the challenge of cleaning up. Renting a party hall like Crystal Ballroom means you can waltz right out that door in the arms of your true love, with nary a care for the cleanup tasks at hand. You deserve this chance to really enjoy your anniversary party and each other.

For more information on Crystal Ballroom events for just about every meaningful gathering in your life, get in touch with us.