Everyone loves a great party! From birthdays to weddings, there is always a reason to celebrate. If you are the type of person who is always hosting the party, you might want to rethink holding your next big event in your home. Here are a few reasons to stop playing host at home and start playing host at the Crystal Ballroom for your next event.


Invite Everyone You Know

Unless you live in a mansion or own acres of land, you always need to limit the number of guests you invite to accommodate the room you have available. You need to have enough room for people to sit, stand and dance along with space to put out a delicious spread. With a party venue, you will find spaces in all different sizes. This time invite everyone you know.


Leave the Cooking to Someone Else

Whether you are offering an assortment of appetizers or a complete meal, you know cooking for a party can be time consuming and frustrating. There is always someone allergic to flour and another eating a raw food diet to accommodate. With a party venue, you find a staff of caterers they already work with and will make a meal that pleases everyone.


Get Rid the Honey-Do List

Before each party you throw, you give your hubby a honey-do list. It includes items like setting up additional tables and moving chair around the house. If you are throwing a party outdoors, your special someone has to get out tarps and other items to get ready for the party. Most party venues have a lot of honeys on their payroll. You will find all the chores and details handled when you arrive.


Crystal Ballroom is ready to help you get out of the house and into one of our ballrooms. We offer catering services and all of the chairs and tables you need set up when you and your quests arrive. Contact us today to find a ballroom big enough to hold everyone you know.