Each year as the holiday season rolls around, you’re in charge of planning the company’s holiday party. It’s up to you to decide if you want to have the party at the office or hire a private venue, such as the Crystal Ballroom in Tampa Bay. Next, you need to decide if you want to include family or just employees. Finally, you need to plan and set up the activities for the party. Of course, if you decide to use a venue, there are many advantages, including:

Room for Families

If your office is like many others, space is at a premium. You don’t want to have the office holiday party with everyone squeezed into the break room. With a private venue, you’ll have several size spaces to choose, and you can add employees’ family to the guest list. This informal business atmosphere is a great time to get to know your coworkers’ families.

Sit, Stand, and Dance

Many event venues have all the tables and chairs that you need to accommodate everyone in your office and their loved ones. You can plan a sit-down meal or a buffet of appetizers. Many locations can set up a dance floor so that you can see Dave from accounting rocking the Funky Chicken.

Help From a Party Planner

While you might be stuck planning the holiday party every year, a party planner has all the contacts you need to make your party a success. The planner can help you find the caterer, set up the space, and get it cleaned up afterwards.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we want to help make your office holiday party a success. Contact us for a tour of our property.