In just a few short months, your niñita will be turning 15 years old. Tradition says she deserves a coming-of-age celebration like no other and as her padres, you completely agree. There’s just one bone of contention between you and your niñita. It’s the Quinceañera venue decorations.

She wants them to be spectacular and becoming of a young woman. You know that your decorating skills don’t go much beyond balloons and store-bought piñatas. So what’s the solution when there’s no money in the budget to hire a DavidTutera™, Debi Lilly or Bryan Rafanelli? It’s The Crystal Ballroom’s 5-Hour Quinceañera Package.

It includes your niñita’s choice of sophisticated, ROGO DESIGNS. And we promise, there are no childish, Quinceañera venue decorations in the bunch. A few of the grown-up, trendy options on the list are crystal candelabras, Manzanita trees, color chair sashes, feathers and beautiful orchids in opulent vases. If your niñita is fascinated by symbolism, she’ll undoubtedly gravitate towards the crystal decorations.

Crystal has long been known to symbolize many things that young women and their parents find appealing. For example, it’s widely accepted as a sign of positive energy, protection, spiritual growth, harmony and mental clarity. Furthermore, additional symbolism is brought into the equation when various colors are incorporated into crystal centerpieces.

Manzanita trees are also popular Quinceañera venue decorations, in part due to their connection with Mexico and Spanish traditions. They are often looked at as a sign of femininity and everlasting life. Of course there is more to Manzanita trees’ appeal than that. They also look beautiful plain or when adorned with other decorative elements.

To learn more about Manzanita trees, crystal centerpieces and other Quinceañera venue decorations, please contact us at The Crystal Ballroom. We would love to help give your niñita the Quinceañera venue decorations of her dreams.