When you’re planning a quinceanera, you want to make sure it stays fun, lively, and memorable. You want to spend time with your treasured guests, you want to remember the way your dress sparkled and floated and the way your court stood by your side and supported you on this very special day.

You shouldn’t be stressed out by having to decorate and set up the event yourself. Forget having to moving chairs. Leave behind the need to find a spot for the food, and don’t put your family through that either. Let your family be guests and let Crystal Ballroom figure out the details.

We are fully prepared for large events and have even written up several event packages to serve any kind of celebration that may walk through our doors. Our events cover Friday, Saturday, and Sundays, as well as weekdays. We cover evenings and brunches. Every package is meant for someone special, and we invite you to take a look through them so you can be on your way to a memorable quinceanera.

All our packages include time in our gorgeous ballrooms. They all come with your choice of colors and decor and a free consultation with our in-house designer. Many of them come with a VIP canopy, perfect for a newly 15 year old girl!

So contact us today and get started with the details of your day. Let us know what you’ve been dreaming about and let us help you create the most beautiful, lively quinceanera.