A quinceanera should be a beautiful time to celebrate 15 amazing, full years of life for your little girl. But we don’t want you to feel like you have to make it a night of formalities or floral designs, unless that is what you want.

Our quinceanera decoration packages include every style imaginable. We would love to talk with you about what kind of event you are planning on throwing, and what kinds of decorations you want for your daughter.

We know that this time of life can be stressful, as teenage years are in full swing and high school graduation is not far off. Colleges are probably beginning to creep up on your radar and, well, right now you’re planning a 15th birthday extravaganza to celebrate her coming of age! How exciting!

We know that there are lots of traditions surrounding the quinceanera, and we are prepared to help you keep any of those traditions you want to incorporate!

As for the decorations, bold colors or pastel colors, flowers or silver shining everywhere, we can make your daughter’s style shine through the table linens, the centerpieces, and the drapery. We even have an in-house designer who you can talk to about what you want and what you need.

Contact us because we know this is a special day and we want to help you make it perfect. We want to take all the stress off of you and give you an event that everyone will remember, from the dress to the dancing, to the food to the flowers, we can make sure every detail is just what you want!