Save the Date cards have become standard fare for weddings. When you’re getting ready to send out your pre-invitations, be sure to include your venue, especially when you’re getting married in beautiful Orlando. Here are some more tips for your save the date cards.

Why include the venue? When someone invites you to a wedding, you need to know if they’re talking about a 10-minute drive or a week long trip abroad. A save the date card increases the chances that your guests can attend if you give them time to plan for their expenses, time off from work, child care, and other arrangements.

What other information should be included? In addition to the date and location, it helps to include your wedding website if possible so guests know where to look for updates. You may also want to add plus ones if you’re sure you can afford them since that might affect whether a guest attends.

When should I send them? There’s no magic date. About 6 months to a year ahead is typical, and longer distances obviously merit more advance notice. It’s okay if you don’t know your wedding colors or theme since the pre-invitations can be informal.

What are some slip ups to avoid? It’s awkward and maybe even hurtful to send someone a save the date card and then cut them from the invitation list so try to be sure of your plans. Also, this is not the time to include your registry because that looks kind of grabby or ask for RSVPs because that will just complicate things. Save the detailed information for your formal invitations that will follow.

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